Street Photography 

Living among lines & curves

Lines, geometric shapes and striking silhouettes speak to me and I see them everywhere. My eyes are drawn to everything geometric but also by the people moving around or inside those geometric landscapes. My eyes see the lines and shapes, my heart sees the human. The combination of the two moves me. I think that the presence of the person in the pictures enhances the beauty of the geometric landscape, humanizes it and makes it more lively.Therefore creating emotions. The picture can be the starting point to imagine a story about the person in it : where is he/she going, where does he/she come from, why is he/she there at that moment.
My pictures are never premeditated. They are always spontaneous. I stroll, I look, I observe, and when a motif speaks to me, when the decisive moment presents itself, I take the photo spontaneously, instinctively, with both eye and heart. The eye sees and the heart decides to capture the shot because the moment is right.
This series is an ongoing project, I have been working on for at least 10 years. I always have a camera with me when I move around. Patterns present themselves to me.